Who Is Robert Markel



  • 1967 -1968 played for the New Orleans Blues
  • Early 70s co founded the Jackson Mississippi Rugby Football Club
  • early 80s caption/v caption and coached the New Orleans Rugby Football Club
  • Late 80s coached LOYOLA University
  • late 80s early 90s coached Women's rugby in New Orleans
  • Coached the first New Orleans U19 rugby men's team
  • started up  Jesuit High school Rugby
  •  Coached Jesuit High School from 2001 - 2012
  • Jesuit High school in that time won 9 state championships.

  Markel Lumber Co

Not only Robert Markel has given his time to the sport but has employed countless numbers of people in the rugby community. It doesn't matter if you are a native to Louisiana that is in between jobs or a Backpacker that is staying for a season or two from Great Britain or Australia.